I've been implementing kanban system  since may inside my team.

It is not perfect yet, and it will never be, there will always be room for improvement.

But so far it works, and it works well. Team members now instead of pushing 

items to testing are asking which item they can pull to the road of production.saf

Now the next step is to empower the team members to decide which items pull all by themselves. 

We know that kanban works thanks to David j. Anderson but i was asking myself 

why it works.

The best answer i can think about is the "Venturi effect" 

In a glimpse: pressure of a fluid in a pipe decrease as the cross sectional area decrease, 

while the speed of the fluid augment. 


And this is what kanban is all about: 

1) reduce your WIP (your cross sectional area)
2) reduce your lead time (speed up your item) 
3) reduce the pression (on the team).

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